Video Title:  "ABBA We Love You Forever”

Words & Music: Lecia Jonsson

A TRIBUTE song to ABBA, performed by MOVE OVER, featuring Lecia Jonsson and Lucienne Holritz. The song is produced by Sten Lindegaard.

The story (lyrics) are all about being young, experiencing life while listening to ABBA’s music, falling in love, hoping to find the one and only, to float away to “Dancing Queen”, and to be madly in love with the Spanish freedom fighter “FERNANDO”.


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Video Title: "Hvis Nu Lykken Findes"

Musik: Lecia Jønsson

Tekst: Lecia Jønsson

Video Title: "CAMELOT"

Musik: Ole Bredahl

Tekst: Lecia Jønsson

Video Title: "KRIG & FRED"

Musik: Lecia Jønsson

Tekst: Lecia Jønsson

Video Title: "It's a FANTASY"

Music:  Lecia Jønsson

Lyrics:: Lecia Jønsson

The song was composed by Lecia, with danish lyrics by her, to the danish heat of ESC in 1984, where she performed solo and came no.5.

This english version was later reworked in 1986 with a refined arrangement, and given english lyrics, again by Lecia  for the B-side of their world-hit "Love in Siberia", and for inclusion on their first english LP, "Caught by surprise", released may 1986.